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Parking, waiting and loading by Staff

  Parking, waiting and loading


Parking, waiting and loading

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We worked in partnership with Camden Highways to optimise on-street parking and loading facilities, particularly in Marchmont and Coram Streets, achieving a balance between the needs of residents, traders and the increasing numbers of visitors to the area. The introduction of additional loading bays helped to ease the congestion previously caused by double-parked delivery vehicles.

We also campaigned, with some success, to prevent pavement parking, which damages the footways and obstructs the safe passage of pedestrians. We persuaded Camden Council to install new cycle stands throughout the area, which continue to grow in number in response to the rise in cycle usage. Cycle stands in Marchmont Street encouraged cyclists to shop locally, with the added benefit that they have prevented motor vehicles from mounting the footways. We supported the introduction of Car Club bays in Marchmont and Herbrand Streets, as an environmentally sustainable alternative to car ownership.

COACH PARKING: A few years ago we were able to temporarily reduce the frequency of nuisance coach parking in Tavistock Place east, where residents suffered with petrol fumes, footway obstruction and noise nuisance caused by the large numbers of coach passengers staying at the Generator backpackers' hostel in Compton Place. This problem returned with a vengeance in 2013, with a huge increase in the frequency of coaches dropping off and picking up Generator hostel guests in Tavistock Place and most notably in Judd Street (pictured). Residents raised this as a concern at the Kings Cross Area Action Group, following which the Council installed CCTV cameras in both streets, with regular progress reports being presented to the Generator Community liaison group set up by the Council. This brought a stop to coaches dropping off and picking up in Tavistock Place and the introduction of strict procedures for coaches dropping off and picking up outside the Generator's Judd Street entrance. The coach problem is currently largely under control, with only the occasional 'breaches of etiquette'.

Please let us know of any parking related concerns via the 'Get Involved' link on this web site.


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